Hello all and welcome to our school website ps38rosedale.com. We look forward to an amazing school year and hope that our new website will offer new tools to communicate, educate, and share with all members of the P.S. 38 community.

Our Vision

The aim of PS 38 Rosedale School is to graduate responsible, productive, and well-rounded citizens with strong critical-thinking and academic skills.

We love our students, value our teachers and other professionals, and work hand-in-hand with our local community to provide every child who walks through our doors with a wonderful education in a safe and caring environment.

At PS 38 Rosedale, we recognize that school is the most constant environment for children outside of their homes, and so we continually strive to build bridges between the home and school to cultivate continuity for students and their families. Our children are never just a name or a statistic. They are individuals, citizens, and members of families, including the PS 38 Rosedale family.


  • Looking forward to a new year at PS 38!

  • stewartjamieson

    Morning Running Program Starts Tuesday September 26th at 715 am. You must fill out permission form.  Open to all students, kindergarten -2nd grade must be accompanied by an adult. morning running club permission Fall 2017

  • stewartjamieson

    great first day of the running club. 17 participants. Again, you can be part of the morning running club on Tues, Wed, Thurs starting at 715 am. please return the permission slip that was sent home. There is one available to print on the Physical education page.