Remote Learning Portal

Step 1: Click the link called Remote Learning Portal. You will be redirected to the NYC Schools Website. You should see the following image when you get to the page. Click here Remote Learning Portal.

Step 2: When you get to the NYC Schools Webpage, you will need to click Remote Learning Portal. Next, you will see the login page to access your child’s Remote Learning Portal. You should see the following image when you get to the page. Click here.

Step 3: Sign in using your child’s assigned email address and the password that you have created. You will need to have set that up previously (see previous post). After you login, you will see the following screen, where you can access many of the Remote Learning Programs your child will be using with his/her teacher.

Student Email Account

Please use this link to sign into your child’s NYCDOE email. This email account will be used for contact between your child and his/her teacher. Please try logging in. You should have set up this account already. If you have not done so, please visit this link first Student Account Self Service

Currently, we are in the process of rolling out Google Meet and Google Classroom with many teachers at our school. You can access messages pertaining to both of those applications from this email account.

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