Studio in the School



STUDIO in a SCHOOL is back and ready to create with PS 38!! This is the second year of the program. We are thrilled that our students will continue to have the support of this high-caliber institution under the guidance of such a talented teaching team.

Why STUDIO Matters to PS 38 Rosedale
The STUDIO classroom becomes a dedicated art studio where the students are encouraged to experiment and classroom teachers learn how to extend art into their classroom. Drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, 2-D applied design, and media tech are linked to other classroom subjects. Our introductory years will consist of:

  • For Students: a part-time STUDIO artist is in residence will be work with students to create graduation projects for Kindergarten and Fifth grade, along with a thematic integration with our unit of study with the Saldavori Center (skyscrapers or bridges STEM)
  • For Teachers: teachers will learn about the artist’s materials, tools and techniques, and developing art literacy and knowledge so experiences are not limited to the time in the art room but extend into the regular classroom. They will be present in during lessons and participate.
  • For Parents: parents will be invited to attend the year-end show of student work.

Stay tuned for our STUDIO after school program right here at PS 38 Rosedale! More information coming soon!